Wednesday, April 17, 2013

UX Elements

ux-elements graphic

UX Design Elements (Jesse James Garett, 2000).

The UX Deisgn Elements book is a great starting point for everyone who is interested in UX design.
I highly recommend it for developers to read, because it will give them better appreciation of what designers think about before they hand them the requirements.

A good visual design always needs to start with understanding the site objectives and user needs. What do your users need? What is your site trying to achieve?

Then, functional specs need to be written summarizing what features the website should have. I like using MOSCOW approach for functional specifications. M = must, S = should, C = could, W = would. When you prioritize each feature, you can easily iterate and build only the Ms first.

The next layer is the Information Architecture layer where you define your site's goals and collect clients or coworkers' opinion about that.

Next is the design of navigation, wireframing, etc.

Finally, you wrap all of this up and produce a finished visual design.



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