Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Team Building and a Scavenger Hunt

If you count the number of hours you spend at work, talking about work, thinking about work, and decompressing after work - it probably adds up to 75% of your life.  A key focus for me as a CTO is to make sure that people enjoy the work environment (and hence become more productive). Another key focus is - as the Cinchcast Tech team grows - to improve communication between various groups comprising it (IT, Engineering, QA, Telephony, Design, Product, HelpDesk).

We decided that it would be a good idea to get the Tech team out of the office into a casual environment, where the main focus was to have fun. So earlier today we took to the streets in a photo scavenger hunt ( . The team had to run through the New York city, looking for clues, and following the directions.  It was a friendly competition, where creativity and good team-work mattered. In the end, everyone felt they built better bonds with their coworkers, which will make everyone more efficient.

Pictures (cross-posted from our Tech blog



You guys have made a great team. I really like such team spirit. Although I have built a good team as well and everyone conviction to great work and flexibility always gives us plenty of time to enjoy after working hours. Thanks.

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