Wednesday, November 28, 2012

CloudBeat 2012 -- The S Factor: Optimizing a Cloud-Based Platform for Scalability and Security

Cinchcast is a cloud-based, enterprise solution for webcasts and conference calls of any size. On a monthly basis, Cinchcast powers 15 million audio streams and attracts over 36 million unique visitors. In this talk, we’ll discuss how Cinchcast development and production environments operate and the role of New Relic in scaling Cinchcast platform to meet event demands. Dr. Yampolskiy will explain how Cinchcast maintains agile release cycles, while monitoring for performance and security issues. He will give some concrete examples of how a drastic drop in page views was discovered through a monitoring tool, or how his team thwarted a DDOS attack through cloud provisioning. Speaker Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CTO, Cinchcast Moderator Vanessa Alvarez, Director of Product Marketing, Gridstore



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