Saturday, September 1, 2012

ROQUE : the simplest way to do asynchronous queuing and events in .NET

I am excited to announce that Benjamin Eidelman from the Cinchcast Tech team open-sourced ROQUE : the simplest way to do asynchronous events and queuing in .NET.
You can read more details about it at GITHUB page:

ROQUE sits on top of the C# abstractions you know (plain old C# events and methods), and uses Redis behind the scenes to make them work in an asynchronous, transparent, distributed, scalable, decoupled and failure-proof way.
Message queueing doesn't get simpler than this!
Lets say we have a website and we want to build thumbnails for uploaded pics, that's a time-consuming operation we can't perform during the lifetime of web request.
1- Create a service interface.
    public interface IImageProcessor {
        void CreateThumbnail(string filename, int width, int height, AlgorithmOptions options);
2- Use it on your application:
    public class ImageBiz {
        IImageProcessor ImageProcessor = RoqueProxyGenerator.Create<IImageProcessor>("images");
        public void ImageUploaded(filename){
            ImageProcessor.CreateThumbnail(filename, 160, 120, new AlgorithmOptions { Quality=0.7 });
Note: add references to Roque.Core and Roque.Redis assemblies to your project.
3- Config a redis-based queue named "images":

That's it you are already enqueuing jobs!

4- Implement your image processor service:
    public class ImageProcessor : IImageProcessor {
        public void CreateThumbnail(string filename, int width, int height, AlgorithmOptions options = null){
            // a time-consuming task, eg: resize the image and save it adding a suffix
            throw new NotImplementedException();
5- Install Roque service on a machine (with access to your Redis server).
6- On the same folder of roque.exe drop the assembly(ies) containing IImageProcessor interface and ImageProcessor class.
7- On the worker Roque.exe.config:

8 - Start Roque service to start processing images!
(or you can roque.exe from a console, use: roque.exe /debug to attach your VisualStudio and debug your image processor)
You're done, now you can start adding more workers to get automatic load balancing by repeating steps 5 to 8.
To check the status of your queues you can run: roque.exe status
C:\>roque status /maxage=10 /maxlength=500000
Redis send-pump is starting
roque Information: 0 : [REDIS] connected to localhost:6379
Queue images has 262570 pending jobs. Next job was created < 1sec ago.
Queue audiofiles has 3342 pending jobs. Next job was created 12sec ago. [TOO OLD]
Queue zipping is empty.
ERROR: 1 queue have too old pending jobs



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