Sunday, July 1, 2012

Interactive Programming Tutorials (.NET, Java, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, SQL, NOSQL)

I have a favorite proberb: "I Hear And I Forget; I See And I Remember; I Do And I Understand."  I have always learned programming languages by trying them out, failing, biting my nails, and then remembering not to repeat the same mistakes twice.
Reading thick programming manuals was never my favorite pastime. I always jumped in and experimented.

Recently, multiple interactive programming tutorials sprung up on the web. In these tutorials, you are typically presented with an interactive shell on a webpage, which allows you to learn a new programming language by experimenting with it. I expect these learning sites to continue to multiply and expand to other areas besides programming, such as learning SEO or Google Analytics.   In fact, TechCrunch just announced the launch of HackerRank, a social site for hackers to compete, which also uses an interactive tutorial format.

Figure 1: Screenshot of SQLZOO.NET interactive tutorial for learning SQL

Below, I have assembled a list of such interactive tutorials.
If you have others that you'd like me to add to the list, leave a comment.

Interactive Tutorial
REDIS key-value store
MongoDB NOSQL database
Python, Ruby, Javascript
Fun social platform for collaborating
Regular Expressions

Figure 2: List of interactive programming tutorials



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