Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Keeping Meetings Efficient

1. No meeting should last longer than an hour.

2. Each meeting should have a clearly defined agenda,
and a person leading the meeting.

3. After the meeting, follow up notes should be posted on Wiki
with decisions that we made and any follow-ups.
Each follow-up should have an owner.

4. Do your homework before the meeting (e.g. if we are talking about release X.Y.Z. then know what the release is about).

5. 80-20 rule.
We should try to spend no more than 20% of our time on meetings.

6. Before you ask a question "How does system X work?" Try to figure out yourself first, that's how learning happens.



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Meetings help us too much to make progress in our dissertation editor or any business because experts can share their ideas there with each other. We should arrange meetings if we want to make progress.

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