Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Current Reading List

A good introduction by a seasoned entrepreneur into the intricacies of building a successful startup. The main  thing I took from it is that 'market-product fit' is all too often neglected in the process. Either the market isn't as big as it appears to be, or there's friction to product adoption, or the product isn't viral or sticky enough. Being honest with yourself, and continuously iterating while measuring customer feedback are crucial.

A great introduction to philosophy and psychology of architecture. It is peppered with interesting facts and data, and allows readers to appreciate the logic and beauty behind some of the famous buildings. 
"Buildings rarely make palpable the efforts that their construction demands. They are coyly silent about the bankruptcies, the delays, the fear and the dust they impose. A nonchalant appearance is a frequent feature of their charm. It is only when we try our own hand at construction that we are initiated into the torments associated with persuading materials and other humans to cooperate with our designs..."  This is also an interesting read for a software architect, since building beautiful programs is akin to erecting beautiful buildings. And if a business person ever tells you writing programs is easy, send him this quote.



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