What Programming Language Should I Use to Build a Startup?

Often entrepreneurs ask me 'What technology should I build my startup on?' There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It's a decision every company makes for itself, depending on what it's trying to build and the skills of its cofounders. Nonetheless, there are a few rules that one should adhere to. We discuss them in this blog post.

Incident Response Policy

What happens in your company when a production incident occurs? Usually in a typical startup, you will see engineers running around frantically trying to resolve the problem. However, as soon as the incident is resolved, they forget about it and go back to their usual business. A good incident response policy can help bring order into chaos. We provide a sample template in this blog post.

Why Software Deadlines Never Make Sense

We discuss why software deadlines usually don't make sense.

Analyzing Front-End Performance With Just a Browser

We discuss a number of freely available online tools which can be used to analyze bottlenecks in your website.

Why Smaller Businesses Can't Ignore Security and How They Can Achieve It On a Budget

In this article, we show that security is both important and achievable for smaller companies without breaking a bank.

Monday, July 18, 2011

ElasticSearch vs SOLR

Excellent article comparing the recent newcomer to the search arena ElasticSearch against veteran SOLR:

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Which LinkedIn connections matter?

There was an interesting study (can't remember where though?) about which of your LinkedIn connections are most useful for accomplishing your business objectives (getting a job, publishing an article in a magazine, helping debug a software program, etc.)
And the results were unexpected. You get the most use out of LinkedIn connections that you see maybe once every 6-12 months.
If you think about it, it actually makes sense. You've already learned a lot from the people you regularly hang out with. So if you want to expand your horizons, then reach out to people you just met once and don't remember very well anymore.

I am always puzzled when people I met once reach out to me and ask timidly if I could write them a recommendation or refer them to the job. The answer is - of course yes! I'd be happy to. And I am not doing it because I scratch their back, hoping they'd scratch mine. I am doing it because they understand that the real way to build your social network is not only to give to it but also to not be afraid to use it.

Monday, July 4, 2011


We've taken my son for a traditional summer vacation out of New York City. He'll stay here for 2 months with one of us alternating. This week is my turn, and just as he went to sleep, I can focus on finishing up some work and writing articles.

We're staying near the Wild Acres Lake. The lake is beautiful but is currently contaminated so you can't swim in it.

We're still taking full advantage of it by playing in the sand nearby, and skipping stones against its surface.
I'm looking forward to exploring more of the neighborhood tomorrow.