Sunday, December 4, 2011

What is the greatest moment?

Nice quote. I feel this way sometimes when I debug an elusive bug in software having spent hours on it.

I remember being in a hotel room in 1967 in San Franciso one night and I'm
flipping the dials after doing all this promoting all day long. There's this
little old jewish guy with a bald head sitting at a piano and he's being
interviewed. And I suddenly realize I'm looking at Igor Stravinski the great
Russian-American composer. The interviewer is saying to him...
"So Mr. Stravinski, what is the greatest moment for you? Is it when you finally
write the symphony?
And he says..."No, No, No...". He sounds like a New York cab driver.
"Is it when you've heard it played the first time by a symphony?"
And he says...."No, no, no...".
"What about opening night when they premier it and herald it as being one of the
greatest works of the 20th century?" And he says...."No, no no...".
"So what IS the greatest moment for you?"
He was sitting at the piano with music on the thing there and he says: "I'm
sitting here at the piano and for 3, 4 hours I'm trying to find a note. I can't
find the note and I'm going 'bum, bum'....'bum, bum'....'bum, bum' for three
hours. Finally after 3 hours I FIND the note. That's the moment. There is
nothing like it. That's everything".

-Dustin Hoffman's acceptance speech, A Lifetime Achievement Award, The Golden
Globe Awards, January 1997



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