Monday, December 19, 2011

Caching through Aspect oriented annotations.

I spent part of the day today instrumenting some of our DALC (data access methods) with caching using the typical paradigm:

public Data FetchData(string key) {
if (cache.HasKey(key)) {
return cache[key];

Data d = GrabFromDB(key);
cache[key] = d;
return d;

It is a pain, because every single method needs to be instrumented with the same preamble. My next step was to try to use reflection to dynamically modify the generated C# IL code.

A few hours later, I came across this elegant solution using Aspect oriented programming (AOP):

Postsharp framework allows you to define custom annotations, so that instead your code becomes

public Data FetchData(string key) {
return GrabFromDB(key);

The problem is that the key "FetchData" is not dynamic, and instead must depend on the value of the parameter. There turns out to be a nice solution to that as well :

I am going to try it out tomorrow, but it's looking quite promising.



Interesting, but if you want use it in real applications it's important define some data management policies or scope (e.g. range time, session or application scope ...)

Of course.
The second link to a blog in SharpCrafters gives a nice example. I am testing this right now with using REDIS as a cache store, and the entries timing out after a while. So far my results are looking promising and all I have to do to cache method results is add a [Cache] annotation.

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