Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why Smaller Businesses Can’t Ignore Security And How They Can Achieve It On a Budget

Why Smaller Businesses Can’t Ignore Security And How They Can Achieve It On a Budget
Thursday, October 6, 2011 // Cinchcast Blog

In the back of the Pizza Schmizza restaurant in Vancouver, Washington sat humming an old computer. An unwitting customer would walk into the restaurant to order a slice of pizza, and the next day his credit card number will go on sale at a hacker’s forum. A few years and millions of dollars later, the FBI learned the root cause of the breach: The computer was running old unpatched software, which made it remotely accessible without a password by a hacker Max Butler (aka “IceMan”) (as detailed in Kevin Poulsen’s book “The Kingpin”).

This story is not unique. We often hear of security compromises of large companies such as Sony or TJX in the news, but we don’t hear about daily compromises of thousands of small to mid-sized businesses. One of the reasons is that many of those businesses, such as startups, motels, mom and-pop shops, pizza shops, never find out that they were compromised in the first place. Another reason is that disclosing these compromises can often be catastrophic for their survival. According to a study from Price Waterhouse Coopers, 70 percent of smaller companies that get hacked go out of business within a year.

Smaller businesses often have no security personnel on staff. They prefer baking pizza or building a UI prototype for investors rather than fixing security holes. They think that they are too small to get hacked and that they have nothing to lose or that security is a distraction, which is too time-consuming and too costly. Others argue that their biggest security risk is “running out of money.”

In this show, we dispel these misconceptions. We show that security is both important and achievable for smaller companies without breaking a bank.

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These are great pointers. I don't need to hire the services of a small business consulting firm to know the value of security in any business.

That is absolutely correct. Most start up companies take security systems for granted and only focus on their core operations. In order for a company to realize its potential and grow into something bigger than its goals, measures has to be in place to ensure its sustainability and growth.

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