Monday, August 29, 2011

Enterprise software

TechCrunch published an excellent article by Box CEO Aaron Levie Building an enterprise company that doesn't suck

The main point that resonated with me is that there's a big disconnect between people who buy the software (typically IT managers) and the software's end users (typically not the buyers). A better model is to let the end users first try the software out and drive the adoption up to the CIO.

You can take the same analogy to developers. Usually, they blindly implement whatever the Project Manager tells them to do. In reality, in best tech companies (e.g. Google, Gilt, etc.), developers must question the requirements which they get.
Only when a developer wears different hats, ranging from
an end user, exploring the product; hacker, trying to break into the system; system administrator, trying to set the product up; will we have software that's simple to use, secure, and easy to maintain.



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