Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We take PCI compliance at Gilt Groupe seriously

Posted from Gilt Tech blog:

PCI Poetry

Payment Card Industry
A poem by Sam Kassoumeh

PCI, oh PCI,
200 requirements we must comply.

From password settings to policies,
The time has come to rotate the keys.

Above and beyond the norm we go.
Protect the cards that is our goal.

Standing out in the ecommerce crowd,
We take the steps to make our QSA proud.

Passphrase A and passphrase B,
Will be joined in digital matrimony.

Fraudsters and hackers free or in the joint,
You can’t see our cards so sorry to disappoint.

And to the members we love so much,
Your information cannot be touched.

Your credit cards can’t be divulged,
In you may indulge.



I also hold a very high regard for PCI DSS compliance and the architecture. It is used by a lot of commercial banks as well.

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