Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Practical scaling and sharding for Mongo

Here are some notes I took from a great talk on "Practical scaling and sharding at MongoNYC 2011 conference" by @eliothorowitz

Scaling by optimization
- schema design
- index design
- hardware configuration

Horizontal scaling
- vertical scaling is limited
- hard to scale vertically in the cloud
- scan scale wider than higher

Replica sets
- one master at any time
- programmer determines if read hits master or a slave
- easy to setup to scale reads

Not enough
- writes don't scale
- reads are out of date on slaves
- ram/data size doesn't scale

Sharding design goals
- scale linearly
- increase capacity with no downtime (one of biggest problems with relational dbs)
- transparent to the application
- low administration to add capacity

Sharding and documents
- rich documents reduce need for joins
- no joins makes sharding solvable

- choose how you partition data (that choice is very important)
- convert from single replica set to sharding with no downtime
- full feature set
- fully consistent by default

Two ways to spread data: hash-based and range-based

Collection is broken into chunks by range, which default to 64 mb or 100K objects.

collection users minKey { name: 'Miller' } maxKey { name : 'Nessman' } location shard2
collection users minKey { name: 'Nessman'} maxKey { name : 'Ogden'} location shard1

Choosing a shard-key
- shard key determines how data is partitioned
- hard to change
- most important performance decision.

Use case: photos
{ photo_id : ????, data: }
What's the right key?
- auto-increment
- md5(data)
- month() + md5(data)

Initial loading
- system starts with 1 chunk
- writes will hit 1 shard then move
- presplitting for initial bulk loading can dramatically improve bulk load time

Administering a cluster:
- do not wait too long to add capacity
- need capacity for normal workload + cost of moving data
- stay < 70% operational capacity



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