Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Most common Iphone passcodes (and possibly Securid passcodes)

There appeared an interesting analysis by Daniel Amitay of most common Iphone passcodes

His Iphone App analyzed passcodes of the users. What he discovered wasn't surprising. Most common passcodes use easy combinations such as 1111, 1234, 0000 or users' birthdates. I would bet that similar patterns apply to SecurID passcodes many of which are also just 4 digits.

204,508 recorded passcodes, the top ten most common were:



I wonder what percentage of 1998 is the owner's birthday and what percentage is a child's birthday.

IPhone have introduces high security that called icloud and that is really very nice features but we know that people have found ways to open it by cheating because nowadays science and technology have made much progress and we using it for different purposes as i use it for my professional dissertation help. Here this chart is giving us precious information about common pass codes.

IPhone is one of the most famous company that make mobiles with high security we can see there are many ways to hack their security anyway i am looking forward for more information about pass codes for writing ninja essays and because it is really precious information.

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