Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who Not to Hire

Interesting post where an author argues why .NET programmers should not be hired:

He claims that
1) startups never use .NET
2) .NET does everything for the programmer, so the programmer has no idea underneath the covers.

To dispute argument 1, there are a multitude of startups which are successful and use .NET : ZocDoc, Phreesia, etc.

To dispute argument 2 is harder. But you could say the same about Ruby on Rails or Java or a lot of other programming languages nowadays. Just having .NET on the resume should not scare you away from hiring a person. You should instead dig deeper and see if a person knows how the language operates under the hood.



I don't agree at these points because I think it all depends on your requirement. Nobody is expertise in all the fields. The specialized attributes of the .NET are its plus factors, and a .NET developer offers the capability to twice up those factors. Getting a excellent and efficient web page is the complete range for selecting a .NET developer.

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