Sunday, November 14, 2010


After last week's sprint, I realized I have a nasty habit of overcommitting.
On Wednesday afternoon, I spoke at SC magazine congress, on the topic of social engineering. The audience was very welcoming and really enjoyed my talk. It was also interesting to learn about some of the standardization efforts that people work on, such as MAEC ( to enumerate different types of malware, infecting people's computers, and SCAP (, a broad family of security specifications, the best known of which is probably CVE.
Having given my talk, I chatted to a few folks, and had to dart off towards Penn Station to hop on a train to Washington D.C. It was a gorgeous, sunny day, with temperature in the 60s (a rarity in November), so I wish I didn't have to spring and could instead take a leisurely walk. I arrived to Hyatt D.C., which was a great hotel. And the next morning I was off to AppSec DC. Here the talks were a lot more technical than at SC world congress. Again, I wish I had more time to walk around Washington but I didn't. I picked up a few interesting ideas on instituting secure coding in organization during AppSecDC. Will be interesting to see if they will work in an agile development environment.



Over-committing has turned into a pandemic. Obviously a few best animated explainer video duties, for example, dealing with a man with an unforeseen ailment, are troublesome.

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