Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We're hiring multiple engineers at Gilt Groupe. If you are interested, drop me a note to "yampolskiy AT gmail DOT com"
  • App Engineers for Gilt and Gilt City. Lead Engineers too.
  • App Engineer for New Sales Types initiative
  • Technology generalist with 3+ years experience developing web applications and an understanding of the full web stack. Experience with java/jsp and a passion for iterative development and constant refinement of code by utilizing automated tests.
  • Finance Engineer
    Web/database app developer with 5+ years experience, preferrably with at least 2 of them finance-focused
  • Warehouse Engineer
    Web/database app developer with 4+ years experience, including significant systems integration.
  • Senior/Principal Mobile Engineer
    Help establish our mobile strategy for all Gilt properties. Participate in the design of our mobile products for all Gilt properties. Help improve our mobile infrastructure and platform for all Gilt properties. Implement our mobile products for all Gilt properties.
  • Dir/VP Eng Gilt City
  • Data Architect/Engineer
    Experienced, solution-focused Data Engineer/Architect who is passionate about data and understanding data relationships. Able to analyze and interpret requirements for logical and physical data models in order to design, develop, and review data storage strategies/techniques (e.g., ODS, DM, OLAP, HOLAP, ROLAP, MOLAP, ELT, ETL, MR)
  • QA Manager
  • DW QA Engineer
  • Finance QA Engineer
  • Internal Support Analyst
  • Senior Systems Engineer (Tech Ops)
  • Experienced systems engineer from web or similar environment. Team lead experience a plus
  • Platform Engineer
    Solid Java Experience, interested in more business and internal facing work



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